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2016 RedBull Global Rallycross Schedule

Qualified Start Finish

June 4 State Fair Park Dallas, TX 1st 1st 3rd
June 18 Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL 1st 1st 2nd
June 19 Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL 1st 1st 1st
Sept. 17 Evergreen Speedway Seattle, WA 2nd 5th DNF
October 8 The Port of LA Los Angeles, CA 10th 10th 10th
October 9 The Port of LA Los Angeles, CA 10th 10th 6th


Whitten gets first Win in Detroit!

Team Dirtfish - Detroit Whitten gets first Win in Detroit!

Red Bull GRC and the Tanner Whitten # 15 Traction Factory and Dirtfish Motorsports team took over Belle Isle, MI for rounds 5 and 6, marking the halfway point of the season. The doubleheader began on Friday with track malfunctions that cancelled practice, qualifying and the first round of heats. Saturday started with fast lap times from Tanner during the morning practice sessions. The points lead placed Tanner on the pole position for Heat 1. Tanner capitalized on the positioning and took the checkered flag in Heat 1. Due to GRC time constraints, Heat 2 and the LCQ were cancelled sending Tanner straight to the final with the pole position. A textbook start gave Tanner an immediate lead. He held and extended the lead for the 10 lap final for an impressive first place finish, a personal best this season.

Coming off of a victory, Tanner and the team were hoping for another podium finish on Sunday. In Heat 1, Tanner had a solid second place finish setting him up for a good starting position in Heat 2. Tanner mounted a charge on Alejandro Fernandez closing the gap, lap after lap, and eventually running out of time to finish second. The competition between Whitten and Fernandez carried over into the Final when Whitten and Fernandez were battling for the second place position. Going into turn one, Fernandez began to cut into Tanner's lane which then forced contact causing terminal damage to Tanner's car ending the final for him. Contrary to GRC rules and regulations, the race was not red-flagged and restarted even though Tanner and Harry Cheung remained in unsafe positions on the track for the remaining 9 laps.

Next stop on the tour is Washington, DC on August 15th.

Whitten Takes Championship Lead in North Carolina!

The location for this past weekends race was MCAS New River near Jacksonville, NC. Deemed "Race the Base" the backdrop was definitely a unique one, with helicopters and tanks around the perimeter of the track and in the paddock area, we couldn't imagine a more patriotic place to hold an event on the 4th of July weekend.

Team DirtfishThe weekend didn't start out like the team had hoped. On Friday after a couple of laps into the first practice session, one of the lower control arms bent on the car for no apparent reason. It was brought back to the service area where the crew worked hard to replace the control arm and get the car back out on the track for the rest of the practice. Tanner was able to lay down some fast lap times before the rest of the day's practice and qualifying sessions were canceled due to bad weather in the area.

Because of the cancellation on Friday, there would be no qualifying sessions for the weekend, so the drivers went right into the first heat races to battle for starting positions. In the final, Tanner pushed through some handling issues in Heat 1 and Heat 2 to land in the final unscathed. He was in the middle on the second row for the start of the Final, and when the lights turned green, Oliver Eriksson and Austin Cindric had some pretty hard contact in turn 1 causing Cindric to spin. Tanner seized the opportunity to take the 3rd position, whereas many of the other racers took to the Kobalt Tools Joker lap on the first lap around causing Tanner to lose a couple of positions. After taking his Joker on lap 2, Tanner was able to regain a couple of positions to 4th and follow Miles Maroney for the majority of the race. On the final lap, Maroney left the door open on a hairpin in the dirt, so Tanner took this opportunity to rub fenders with him and hop into the 3rd position for the remaining half lap to the finish!

To top it all off and make the weekend that much sweeter, Tanner is now leading the 2015 overall driver's championship by 8 points! This is another huge milestone for Tanner and the DirtFish Motorsports team. As a recap to the weekend, Tanner says, "It was such an honor to race at MCAS New River this weekend. Racing in front of so many men and woman that risk their lives for us was a very humbling experience. The team worked extremely hard over the weekend, overcame some adversity early in the weekend, and bounced back to give me an amazing car for the final. I am really happy to have brought home a 3rd place and the points lead! We are all really excited for Detroit." We are so proud to have the crew and driver that we do for the 2015 season!

Whitten Takes 2nd at Daytona!

The second leg of the 2015 Global Rallycross season heated up quickly this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway located in sunny Florida. The DirtFish team arrived with high hopes for the weekend after Tanner took 4th place two weeks ago at Ft. Lauderdale!

Tanner Whitten 2nd at DaytonaBuilt by the Red Bull Global Rallycross group, the track at Daytona was full of high speeds, long sweeping corners and a lot more dirt than the race in Ft. Lauderdale. All of which meant timing would be key for a great entry into the Kobalt Tools Joker Lap and build room ahead of the rest of the pack. The teams also faced the added pressure of having to compete in double the events over the weekend. This would not only test the abilities of Tanner and the car, but the endurance of the entire team as well since they would have to prepare the car for a third day of battle.

On Friday, the activities began with practice and qualifying, where Tanner laid down the fastest qualifying lap in the GRC Lites field. This earned him a perfect starting position to take the joker lap right off the line and get out in front of the rest of the drivers. Tanner took full advantage of the start and earned his first ever heat win! In the heat race on Saturday Tanner took a 2nd place and ended up one spot from the podium in the final finishing 4th place.

Sunday was hugely successful! The DirtFish Motorsports Team went into the day ready for battle and to redeem the lost podium from the previous day. Tanner wasn't able to finish the first heat of the day due to a fuel pump malfunction. Brilliant diagnoses and fast repair got the team ready for their next heat, in which Tanner rewarded the team with a 2nd place, and avoided the savage Last Chance Qualifier, which has a reputation for attrition as teams battle fiercely for the last available spot in the Final Heat. With the car in top shape, Tanner ready for action, and the best competitors lined up and hungry, the Final was set for major action. After a battle with Cindric, Tanner was able to fend off the best in the Red Bull GRC SuperCar Lites series and finish in an astounding 2nd place! The DirtFish Motorsports team undoubtedly used all of their years of talent and previous success to help produce an amazing result in a team that had only first competed three weeks prior. Needless to say, the next event in North Carolina on July 5th will be a major battle as Tanner and the team shoot to take over the over points lead.

Daytona GRC Track Layout

GRC Ft. Lauderdale Success!

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL, June 5, 2015 — When the DirtFish Motorsports team arrived in Florida for the season opener of the 2015 Red Bull Global Rallycross, they didn't know what level of competition to expect from the other drivers and how they would stack up. It quickly became evident that we had a fast car and one of the top drivers! Tanner Whitten was able to put down some of the fastest times of the practice and qualifying heats out of ten drivers competing in the Super Lites class!

DirtFish Driver Tanner WhittenNot only was the competition alone something to contend with, but the actual track itself didn't make things easy on the drivers. At only .42 of a mile, this was one of the shortest and narrowest tracks the RBGRC competitor have seen, which made passing quite a challenge. Although the track would prove to be difficult, it was also a lot of fun! The track included a huge 70 foot table-top jump that immediately dropped into a section of very loose, deep sand that would catch some drivers off-guard if they weren't thoroughly prepared!

It was time for the Final heat, which Tanner had qualified for in 4th. He had a great start and quickly moved his way up, putting him in 2nd place. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to hang onto that place for long because one of the drivers had pushed another off the side of the jump. The officials red flagged the race because the car was wedged between the jump and the safety barrier. It took some time to get the car out, so they had the Super Cars run their final heat before the Super Lites could finish their remaining 5 laps. On the restart, Tanner let the clutch out a little too quick which caused the car to bog down and him to fall all the way back to 8th place. However, with some very smart driving and quick thinking, Tanner was able to pass four cars and even catch the leading three cars, to finish 4th overall!

The Down & Dirty Radio Show - Tanner Whitten Interview

Down & Dirty Radio ShowJanuary 19, 2015 - Tanner was on the Jim Beaver Down & Dirty radio show.  Below is the link to the interview.  Tanner's interview starts at 1:03:56.



DirtFish and Whitten form ‘DirtFish Motorsports’ Team for 2015 Red Bull Global Rallycross Lites Series

SNOQUALMIE, WA, January 19, 2015 — A world--‐renowned Rally driving school and a rookie driver from rural Illinois are partnering to do nothing less than win the 2015 Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) Lites Series Championship.DirtFish Driver Tanner Whitten

 “It’s a natural progression,” says DirtFish General Manager Malcolm ‘Mac’ McInnis. “So many drivers train at the school and our instructors, techs and mechanics are all involved in Rally racing and other motorsports. We have been approached multiple times about taking this step, but the sport, the school and the timing, is right now.”

The DirtFish Motorsports team will be collaborative between DirtFish Rally School and Tanner Whitten, a 22‐year‐old Red Bull GRC newcomer — although he is no stranger to racing.

Whitten, of Congerville, Illinois, has been racing since he could operate the controls. Boats and motorcycles were his early passions. At age 10 he graduated to the USAC .25 Quarter Midget Series, winning 15 features and a Regional Championship his rookie year.

In 2009, Whitten moved on to USAC’s Ford Focus series, where he took the checkered flag at the historic 500th Ford Focus Feature race. Rookie of the Year honors followed in 2010 in the NASCAR Whelen Late Model Series with two feature wins. 2011 saw Whitten in Charlotte, NC with the NASCAR K&N Pro Series.

Whitten Left  oval racing in 2012, making his road‐racing debut at Sebring International Raceway in a 2013 Porsche Cayman R for Isringhausen Motorsports. He went on to win at New Jersey Motorsports Park in the Intercontinental Trophy Cup Series. His limited Rallycross experience is impressive nonetheless. As the first American to drive the prototype GRC Lites car, in a private test, he went on to clock the fastest time in the first public tests of the car. Whitten has also trained extensively at DirtFish Rally School.

 “There’s pressure,” Whitten says of being handed the keys to a brand new race team with a lofty goal, “but I’ve been ready for this for a long time.  I’ve felt pressure before; it’s part of racing. But Mac and Stephen have been so awesome and this opportunity is a blessing.  I can’t let them down.  We’re out to win a Championship.”

Whitten is referring to DirtFish Rally School founder, Stephen Rimmer, a life‐long Rally enthusiast, rally car collector, club racer during his younger days in England and who enjoys driving his cars at certain events during the season. He opened the school in 2010 on the site of a former lumber mill, providing unequaled opportunities for vehicle testing, specialist training, or corporate team building and events.

On putting all of a new team’s eggs in one rookie basket, McInnis and the DirtfFish staff are impressed with what they see in Whitten. “He’s smart, he’s aware and he’s a young man who thinks about things — and thinks them through. He loves to drive and he’s a good driver,” McInnis says.

The association between DirtFish and Whitten is the first step in what the school hopes to become a formal Rally/Rallycross driver development program. DirtFish Motorsports plans a full 2015 GRC Lites schedule of 12races, kicking off May 31st in St. Petersburg,  FL.

More information visit: DirtFish.com or tannerwhittenracing.com. Phone: 18662851332.

2015 RedBull Global Rallycross Schedule

Qualified Start Finish

May 31 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Bahia Mar Ft. Lauderdale Beach 4th 4th 4th
June 20 Daytona, FL Daytona International Speedway 1st 3rd 4th
June 21 Daytona, FL Daytona International Speedway 4th 4th 2nd
July 5 Jacksonville, NC MCAS New River Rain Out 5th 3rd
July 25 Detroit, MI (I) Belle Isle Cancelled 1st 1st
July 26 Detroit, MI (II) Belle Isle 4th 3rd DNF
August 15 Washington, D.C. RFK Stadium 6th 8th 9th
Sept. 12 Los Angeles, CA (I) Port of Los Angeles 4th 4th 4th
Sept. 13 Los Angeles, CA (II) Port of Los Angeles 5th 4th DNF
Oct. 3 Barbados (I) Bushy Park 5th 2nd 6th
Oct. 4 Barbados (II) Bushy Park 5th 8th 6th
Nov. 4 Las Vegas, NV   5th 5th 4th



New Jersey

Fox & Isringhausen extend respective class points lead; rookie Baxter takes P2 points lead

MILLVILLE, NJ (May 19, 2013) – Damp conditions didn’t stop the close racing at New Jersey Motorsports Park, as Geoff Isringhausen, and Tanner Whitten won Sunday in their classes during the NASA Northeast Thunder sprint race, solidifying their overall weekend wins.  The win in P2 marks a first for young gun Whitten, but solidifies the tally for Isringhausen in P1.

As it has been all season, P2 is the class of young guns, with Tanner Whitten & Andrew Baxter answering the call this weekend.  Whitten, who was in substitution of Lukas Johnson, who had to complete his finals, was coming off a successful initial test at Autobahn Country Club, and he co-drove with Geoff Isringhausen at Sebring during the ITC Endurance Championship presented by Denney Jewelers in conjunction with Porsche Design.  This gave Whitten the drive to compete at NJMP for the sprint wins, the first of his ITC career.  “This thing is an absolute rocket ship that Geoff and the entire Isringhausen team put under me.  I can’t thank them enough, and Avitus Group and ITC for allowing us to come out and race,” Whitten said of his first ever win.  Andrew Baxter finished the weekend in 2nd place, and taking the points lead with 70.

Sunday Race at NJMP



On the weekend of April 27th & 28th in Sebring, FL at Sebring International Raceway, Tanner got his first taste of Sportscar Racing under the Isringhausen Motorsports umbrella.  Performing two days of testing and participating in a three hour Enduro on the night of the 27th as co-driver for team owner Geoff Isringhausen.  After Tanner's first one hour stint brake failure forced Tanner and Geoff to retire from the race. They were running in 3rd place at the time.

Drivers Eye view of Sebring



Whitten wins at Golden Sands Speedway

Tanner Whitten again rolled out to the front of the Super Late Model feature race Friday night July 13th at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover WI, and again he flat outran the rest of the field.   Starting in the 5th position and after two re-starts due to accidents Tanner was able to get to the front by lap 10.  He started the night qualifying 7th out of 21 cars, won the fast dash heat race and finished the night winning the feature.  Next on tap is Round 3 of the TUNDRA Super Late Models at Dells Raceway Park this Saturday.



On Saturday, June 16th there were 27 super late models on hand for round two of the 100 lap Tundra Super Late Model series at Dells Raceway Park.  Tanner qualified 3rd quickest and went on to win the dash for cash fast car heat race.  The feature race was a nail biter to say the least.  Tanner started in the 8th position and was able to work his away up and finish the race in 2nd.  Below is the story from the Dells Raceway Park website.  A video of the final 6 laps of the race is located on the Media & Video page.

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (June 17, 2012) - It was smooth sailing through the first 74 laps of TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Round Two at Dells Raceway Park Saturday night for Dennis Prunty. However, a caution with six laps remaining brought a squall threatening to sink his chances of a first DRP win.

Prunty grabbed the lead just six laps into the Advanced Engine Concepts 80-lap feature event and built his advantage to over five seconds until a caution with six to go brought challenges from Frank Kreyer and Tanner Whitten. Prunty was able to turn back both.

Before the caution Prunty began to foreshadow his fate. "With 20 to go I was starting to think, 'when is something going to happen?' I definitely didn't want to see (the caution)," Prunty said.

"I knew that Tanner Whitten was going to be fast. He was able to get alongside me, but we held him off. It felt good."


Prunty built his enormous advantage by streaking to the front of the field from his fifth-place starting spot. After the green fell Terry Schoppenhorst grabbed an early lead from Dennis' brother Dale Prunty. Quickly after Schoppenhorst took the top spot, Kenny Reiser and Dennis Prunty moved past Dale Prunty into second and third.

Schoppenhorst's lead was short-lived as Reiser took to the lead on lap two. Right behind, Prunty was lurking and waiting for his opportunity to pounce. Prunty found his chance on lap six when he swooped to the inside and left Reiser to deal with the rest of the pack.

Just past the ten-lap mark Reiser fell into the clutches of Dalton Zehr, Whitten and fast qualifier Bobby Kendall. Zehr worked furiously in an attempt to move past Schoppenhorst and Reiser, but found no room to grab the runner-up spot.

As second spot on back stayed in heavy dispute, Prunty worked calmly through lapped traffic and built his lead to over four seconds. The pack finally broke open on lap 36 when Whitten was able to negotiate his line around Reiser. Reiser began to reel backward with Dalton Zehr stuck on the outside line, as well. In a matter of just five laps they fell to the tail end of the top ten.

Sour luck for Reiser and Zehr opened up room for two of the stars of TUNDRA Round One. As the field clicked past the midway point Kreyer and Round One winner Rich Bickle made an appearance in the top five. The duo locked into a tussle for the next ten laps in hopes to settle a dispute for third. Kreyer emerged with on lap 54 and began to chase down his teammate Whitten.

Over the next 20 laps, Prunty kept picking off lapped traffic and got as near to the top ten as 13th place John Zimmerman.


When things seemed to be completely in Prunty's favor, the caution fell for a Derek Childs spin. With a brand new script to write over the final six circuits, Prunty was set to face off against a driver he chased in title standings last year in Kreyer.

The cone was placed leaving Prunty all alone in the front row. Kreyer, who just six laps before the yellow had taken second from Whitten, chose the inside line. Whitten swung to the outside with Bickle being flanked by Kendall in the third row.

Initially Prunty broke away on the restart. However, Kreyer caught him quickly and provided a challenge to the inside. Sealing off the bottom Prunty turned back Kreyer. However, the outside line was left wide open for Whitten. Whitten got side-by-side with Prunty and on some occasions appeared to have the advantage. However, Prunty proved too strong in the bottom groove.

Whitten, who earlier in the evening upset Bickle in the five-for-five dash, tucked back into line hoping to shake Prunty off the bottom. Prunty kept his composure and held on to win by less than a car length. Bickle grabbed third from Kreyer with three laps to go and secured his point lead. Zehr made a late run back into the top five and stole fourth from Kreyer on the final circuit.

Advanced Engine Concepts Feature:1. Dennis Prunty (Knowles, WI), 2. Tanner Whitten (Congerville, IL), 3. Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 4. Dalton Zehr (Daytona Beach, FL), 5. Frank Kreyer (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 6. Robert Kendall (Montello, WI), 7. Corey Jankowski (Tomah, WI), 8. Terry Schoppenhorst (Berlin, WI), 9. Steve Rubeck (Cherry Valley, Ill.), 10. Dale Prunty (Allenton, WI), 11. John Zimmerman (Markesan, WI), 12. Landry Potter (Lake Geneva, WI), 13. Michael Egan (Slinger, WI), 14. Derek Childs (Poynette, WI), 15. Dan Lensing (Roscoe, Ill.), 16. Kelsey Bauer (Elkhart Lake, WI), 17. Jim Olson (Seneca, IL), 18. JJ Wallace (Lake Geneva, Wis.), 19. Ken Reiser (Waukon, IA), 20. Mark Simonson (Crystal Lake, Ill.)

Barricade Flasher Service Fast Dash:1. Tanner Whitten (Congerville, IL), 2. Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 3. Robert Kendall (Montello, WI), 4. Derek Childs (Poynette, WI), 5. JJ Wallace (Lake Geneva, Wis.)

Qualify:1. Robert Kendall (Montello, WI), 2. Derek Childs (Poynette, WI), 3. Tanner Whitten (Congerville, IL), 4. JJ Wallace (WIS DELLS, WI), 5. Rich Bickle (Janesville, WI), 6. Dalton Zehr (Daytona Beach, FL), 7. Dennis Prunty (Knowles, WI), 8. Dan Lensing (WI DELLS, WI), 9. Ken Reiser (Waukon, IA), 10. Dale Prunty (Wis Dells, WI), 11. Terry Schoppenhorst (Berlin, WI), 12. John Zimmerman (Markesan, WI), 13. Frank Kreyer (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 14. Jim Olson (Seneca, IL), 15. Michael Egan (Slinger, WI), 16. Steve Rubeck (WIS DELLS, WI), 17. Landry Potter (Lake Geneva, WI), 18. Mark Simonson (Wis Dells, WI), 19. Tim Lampmann (Kenosha, WI), 20. Tom Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 21. Corey Jankowski (Tomah, WI), 22. Steven Lichtfeld (Portage, WI), 23. Mark Kissinger (West Bend, WI), 24. Kelsey Bauer (Elkhart Lake, WI), 25. Ross Zumbach (Wis Dells, WI), 26. Pete Carlson (WIS DELLS, WI), 27. Scott Hoffman (Menomonee, MI)


On Tuesday, June 11th in Milwaukee, WI, Tanner had the honor of speaking with Rob Albright from Performance Racing Network at the Wisconsin Club's monthly Christian Leadership Businessman's luncheon.   Tanner was invited by Robert Conklin, Jr. of Conklin Real Estate Services.  Rob asked Tanner several questions regarding racing and also the role that God plays in his life.  There were 30 plus local business men and women on hand for the luncheon.  The luncheon concluded with a short question and answer period.



Tanner Whitten of Congerville, IL started in the second starting position of the Super Late Model Feature at Golden Sands Speedway in Plover, Wisconsin last Friday night and allowed no one a chance at a win.  A couple of restarts slowed the field but Whitten's #32 Kreyer prepared and Fellowship of Christian Farmers sponsored Ford was "the best car I have ever driven", according to the young racer.  Whitten applied the speed he needed to stave off challenges from Jim Sauter, Jr., Mark Eswein and Jeremy Lepak.  This weekend Tanner will be racing at Dells Raceway Park on Saturday and back to Golden Sands on Memorial Day for the 100 lap feature.

Golden Sands Speedway

Marshfield Motor Speedway
The 2012 race season is underway. Tanner had a great weekend at the Marshfield Motor Speedway in his #32 Fellowship of Christian Farmers sponsored car. He qualified 3rd which inverted him to the 10th starting position in the feature and he worked his way up to finish the race in 3rd. Next on tap is Golden Sands Speedway this Friday night.

2012 Racing Season

In 2012 Tanner will be driving a super late model for Frank and Michele Kreyer owners of Superstar Motorsports in Wisconsin Dells, WI. His season starts out on April 22nd at Marshfield Motor Speedway and runs all the way through Oktoberfest at the beginning of October totaling 8 different racetracks and 37 races in 2012. “I am very excited to be racing for Frank and Michele and the whole team this season. I am really looking forward to being in fantastic equipment for so many races at so many different tracks. It’s going to be a busy and exciting summer.” Tanner's 2012 race dates and locations are listed on the Race Schedule page.



Tanner and Chase Campbell, local Wausau Homes Builder

18 year old Tanner Whitten from Concord, NC will return to LaCrosse Speedway, October 8th & 9th for the 42nd running of Oktoberfest. This prestigious race has been won by Nascar drivers such as Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth and Dick Trickle.
Besides racing in the Big 8 Late Model race Tanner has also been selected to participate in the 2nd Annual JMcK 63 Memorial Invitational on Sunday afternoon October 9th for which he was a segment winner last year.

Tannerʼs spotter and car owner for this weekends race is Frank Kreyer from Wisconsin Dells, WI. Frank is a past Nascar Nationwide driver who drove for the Wisconsin based company Culvers.

Tanner will be driving the #85 Wausau Homes, Red Cactus Salsa Chevrolet. He is excited to be partnering with two midwest companies for this race weekend. Both Wausau Homes and Red Cactus roots go back to helping feed and house Americans. Tanner himself is 7th generation from the family farm in Illinois.

His race car will be sporting pink accents in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We all know someone that has been affected by this disease. One in fourteen women with breast cancer are under the age of 40. Many of the Nascar drivers will be showing support of this cause all month long.

For more information go to www.oktoberfestraceweekend.com, www.tannerwhittenracing.com, www.wausauhomes.com and www.redcactus-usa.com.


There were 43 cars on hand for the July 15th K & N Pro Series East Race in Loudon, New Hampshire.  Tanner qualified 24th and that's also where he finished the race.  There were several bad accidents right in front of Tanner that he was able to avoid and one actually sent him into the grass but he was able to control the car and get back on the track with no car damage.  Tanner would like to thank Iowa State University for their sponsorship of this race, his Crew Chief Jerry Babb, his Spotter Randy LaJoie and his entire team for all their help and support.  Be sure to check out additional photos from the race on Tanner's photo gallery page compliments of Ken Spring Photography and don't miss the race which will air on the SPEED channel Thursday, August 4th at 5:00 p.m. central time.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway


Iowa State Car

Like many 18-year-olds, Tanner Whitten listened closely to the recruiting pitch of Iowa State University. This high school senior, though, has a different relationship with higher education.

Iowa State is sponsoring Whitten’s No. 85 car in Saturday’s K&N Pro Series East/West Challenge. This is the first venture into motorsports for the Ames-based university, and Iowa State will be sponsoring Whitten only for this weekend’s race. 
Cars in Sunday’s Nationwide race will be the first at Iowa Speedway to use ethanol fuel — the prototype of which was developed by Iowa State researchers in the 1930s.

Though the K&N Series will not use ethanol fuel, Iowa State marketing director Carole Custer is hopeful that Iowa State’s sponsorship will increase the exposure of ethanol fuel and help make the case, she said, that all NASCAR events should make the switch.

The sponsorship cost $5,000, which was paid from marketing department funds.

“The issue here is having an opportunity to raise the awareness of the university in this field that helped all Iowans,” Custer said. “We thought it was a great opportunity to tell our story. ... It’s what Iowa State is all about.”

The car will feature mascot Cy on the hood, and the Iowa State nameplate and colors along the side.

“The overall goal is to say to Iowans: Iowa State is doing research in products and programs that are going to make your life better,” Custer said. “The biofuels area is part of our misson.”

Whitten, who lives in Congerville, Ill., has long been aware of Iowa State, though he admits he’s not a Cyclones fan.

“I’m not a sports fan, outside of racing,” Whitten said.

This is Whitten’s first season on the K&N series — one that emphasizes younger drivers — and while he plans to attend a yet-to-be-determined college this fall, he’s hoping for an on-track education right now in the hopes of graduating to the Nationwide Series.

“That’s the main reason that I’ve pushed myself to get as far as we have — to pursue that dream,” he said.

No matter the outcome of Saturday’s race, Whitten won’t stick around Newton to celebrate. He’s receiving his high school diploma on Sunday.

College sponsorships of race cars are rare but not unprecedented.

High Point University sponsored a car during a 2009 Nationwide race in Newton, and Kenny Wallace, who will make his 500th Nationwide start Sunday, has been sponsored in the past by the University of Northwestern Ohio in Lima.

“It’s a recruitment, marketing tool,” Wallace said. “You’ve got a young demographic that’s coming (to the races).”

Written by



Iowa State Car

AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University and its long history of biofuels research will be featured at the Iowa Speedway's May 21-22 NASCAR weekend.

The No. 85 Chevrolet driven by Tanner Whitten in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East/West Challenge at 7 p.m. May 21 will race with Iowa State colors and logos. And a 1933 replica filling station on display at Iowa Speedway during race weekend will tell the story of Iowa State professors Leo Christensen, Ellis Fulmer and Ralph Hixon developing a blend of 10 percent corn alcohol and gasoline. Advertisements of the day called the octane-boosting blend "a superior motor fuel" that "means cornbelt prosperity."

"Iowa State University is all about putting science, technology and creativity to work for Iowa and the world," said Carole Custer, director of university marketing. "This promotion and sponsorship is a way to highlight the university's role in the development of ethanol and the university's continued leadership in biofuels research."

This year NASCAR started fueling its stock cars with a blend of 15 percent ethanol made with corn grown by American farmers. This month's races at Iowa Speedway will be the first time NASCAR's ethanol-fueled cars will race in Iowa.

To promote ethanol-fueled racing, Tad Whitten of In-Touch Marketing Solutions in Congerville, Ill., is organizing "Farmers Drive Iowa," a caravan of vehicles powered by biorenewable fuels. The vehicles include the Iowa State-sponsored race car, a John Deere tractor and several flex fuel vehicles.

TANNER WHITTEN to race in NASCAR K & N East Series in 2011

April 13th, 2011 - Congerville, IL - Tanner Whitten, 18 year old from Congerville, Illinois will race in 2011 in the NASCAR K & N Pro Series East racing series. The K & N series is the last step of the NASCAR developmental program prior to racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck series and the NASCAR Nationwide series. After a successful Rookie year in the NASCAR Whelen series Tanner has moved to Concord, NC and will be racing out of the LaJoie Race Team shop with teammate Corey LaJoie.

Tanner’s 2011 race season begins on March 26th at the historic Greenville Pickens Speedway in Greenville, South Carolina. His season will start out with a partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers International www.fcfi.org. They are a group of farmers and businessmen that travel the world helping people in need. The series will take Whitten to NASCAR tracks such as Dover, Delaware, Richmond, Virginia, Loudon, New Hampshire, Newton, Iowa and Phoenix, Arizona.

“I’m looking forward to driving out of the LaJoie camp this year and racing in the NASCAR K & N Series. Should be a challenging and fun filled year”, said Whitten.

Along with racing Tanner will continue his outreach towards distracted driving. Follow Tanner at www.tannerwhittenracing.com. For more info contact Tad
Whitten at Motorsports Management, Inc., tadwhitten@gmail.com or call 309/261-3062.


Race Day on FOX

Click on the image above to listen to Tanner's interview on Race Day on FOX that took place on December 12th with Rob D'Amico. Tanner's interview with Rob begins at the 4:03 minute mark. 


With the 2010 race season complete Tanner finished 6th out of 105 cars in the Big 8 Series points race also grabbing Big 8 Rookie of theTanner & Gregg McKarns in Victory Lane at LaCrosse Speedway Year honors.  Whitten competed in Rockford, Madison, Slinger and LaCrosse throughout the race season in the Big 8 Series.  The race season ended on October 10th in LaCrosse, Wisconsin with a race win in the JMCK63. John McKarns was a big part of the motorsports industry and he was a long time promoter of Oktoberfest.   "I was very honored to have won this race in honor of John McKarns, Gregg McKarns' father", says Whitten. "Gregg has done so much for me this year and it was a great way to end the season with a win at LaCrosse in honor of his late father.  I never met John McKarns but everyone always spoke highly of him and his love for the sport".  Click on the Media & Video tab to view the race video.


With much anticipation Tanner Whitten along with youth Pastor's Jeff & Betsy Frost from Rockford First will be speaking to nearly 400 teens on September the 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the church.  The event is called Drive.  Using racing and Christ as the focal point, teens will learn about Tanner's trust in the spotter and crew much as we all should trust in God's guidance everyday. We are excited to be a small part of this outreach.  It is certainly important for all of us to trust in God's direction.  Please join Tanner's racing Facebook page and share any thoughts and comments.


August 14th - Tanner wins his first NASCAR Whelen Series Feature Win at Rockford Speedway on 1st Late Model WinSaturday night.  There were 18 cars on hand for the NASCAR Late Models.  Tanner qualified 4th fastest and started the feature in 9th position.  “You have to keep your nose clean,” an excited Whitten offered in the winner’s circle. “I love Rockford. You gotta be able to run high, run low, get up on the wheel and drive a little bit here to win. This place really caters to a mix of aggression and patience.”   Tanner would really like to thank his entire crew as well as their wives and girlfriends for all of their dedication and commitment as well as all of his sponsors.  Official results are below.  Click on the Media & Video tab to watch the race video.  Next on tap is Madison International Speedway this Friday, August 20th.


On the opening day of the 2010 Illinois State Fair Tanner Whitten served as the official spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Transportation promoting Distracted Driving Day at the Fair.  Tanner was in the IDOT tent all day along with his Mountain Dew/Toyota Camry Late Model stock car to discuss the importance of distracted driving.  In 2011 Tanner will be traveling all across Illinois and speaking at schools about this very serious issue that faces everyone with a cell phone today. He also spent time on Thursday traveling to various radio and television stations to discuss this same issue.

Tanner on 1450 AM
Tanner at IL State Fair


I would like to thank my entire team at Checkered Past Motorsports for a great race season. Also Mark Numbers from Kar Korner, Gregg McKarns at Rockford Speedway, all Big 8 tracks and their staff and officials, Jimmy Ambruoso, Todd Chistopherson with Team Jesus Racing and the team at Rockford First Church. Also I would like to thank God for keeping me safe this race season and also would like to thank my parents, my grandparents, my sister Sydney and Tori for all of their support. Without all of your support this season would not have been possible. A big congratulations out to Steve Rubeck on winning at LaCrosse, Jeremy Miller for winning the Big 8 Championship and Madison Points Championship and Tim Sargent on winning the Rockford Points Championship.


October 2nd - There were 23 Nascar Whelen Series Late Models on hand at Rockford Speedway for the 45th Annual National ShortNational Short Track Championships Track Championships.  Tanner qualified 4th fastest, took 5th in the heat race and went on to take 5th in the 108 lap feature.  This 5th place finish moved Tanner up to 5th in Big 8 Points.  The final Big 8 race for 2010 is Oktoberfest at LaCrosse Speedway October 7th through the 10th.  A complete line-up with results is listed below.

Big 8 Series Late Models
Hinckley Springs 108 -- 1. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 2. James Swan, Lake Geneva, Wis; 3. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 4. Chris Blawat, Palmyra, Wis; 5. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 6. Tom Gille, Winnebago; 7. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 8. Jacob Vanoskey (r), Hartford, Wis; 9. Jimmy Ganski, Rosholt, Wis; 10. Tony Bagstad, Westby, Wis; 11. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 12. Dave Edwards (r), Salem, Wis; 13. Troy Rave, Westby, Wis; 14. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 15. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 16. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 17. Jeremy Miller, Rockton; 18. Michael Bilderback, South Beloit; 19. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 20. Ed Szelagowski Jr, Westfield, Wis; 21. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 22. Chad Stevens, Orfordville, Wis; 23. Austin Nason, Roscoe.

Time Trial -- 1. Tom Gille, Winnebago; 2. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 3. Jeremy Miller, Rockton; 4. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 5. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 6. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 7. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 8. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 9. Chris Blawat, Palmyra, Wis; 10. Jacob Vanoskey (r), Hartford, Wis; 11. James Swan, Lake Geneva, Wis; 12. Michael Bilderback, South Beloit; 13. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 14. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 15. Dave Edwards (r), Salem, Wis; 16. Tony Bagstad, Westby, Wis; 17. Chad Stevens, Orfordville, Wis; 18. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 19. Ed Szelagowski Jr, Westfield, Wis; 20. Troy Rave, Westby, Wis; 21. Jimmy Ganski, Rosholt, Wis; 22. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 23. John Beinlich, Prairie View.

Hood Design Contest Winning Hood


For the past few weeks children 11 years old and under have had the opportunity to design the hood that Tanner Whitten will use this weekend at the Short Track Nationals in Rockford, Illinois at the Rockford Speedway.  The winner receives a scaled replica of the winning hood, 4 reserve tickets to Saturday nights races, a case of Mt. Dew and a photo with Tanner's team at the races.

The winner was Easton Pierce, 11 years old from Rice Lake, WI.


July 31st - Tanner's first trip to the Dells Raceway Park ended well.  He qualified 5th fastest out of 23 cars and ended up 6th in the feature.  See below results.

Late Models 7/31/2010
Feature:1. Corey Jankowski (Tomah, WI), 2. Jesse Bernhagen (Markesan, WI), 3. Rich Schumann Jr (Portage, WI), 4. Robert Kendall (Montello, WI), 5. Mike Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 6. Tanner Whitten (Congerville, IL), 7. Skylar Holzhausen (Bangor, WI), 8. Cardell Potter (Camp Douglas, WI), 9. Larry Schotten (Mauston, WI), 10. Michael Ehde (Prairie du Chien, WI), 11. Steve Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 12. Nick Nolden (Sun Prairie, WI), 13. Jerry Blystone (Portage, WI), 14. Ed Jackson (Madison, WI), 15. Davey Pennel (Sparta, WI), 16. Brian Hakala (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 17. Jake Zellmer (Waterford, WI), 18. Michael Clapper (Dane, WI)

B-Feature:1. Ed Jackson (Madison, WI), 2. Michael Clapper (Dane, WI), 3. Jerry Blystone (Portage, WI), 4. Nick Nolden (Sun Prairie, WI), 5. Dale Schultz (Mauston, WI), 6. Zach Reining (Forreston, IL), 7. Jim Bates (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 8. Shayne Poenhelt (Sun Prairie, WI), 9. Ed Szelagowski (McHenry, IL, WI)

Fast Dash:1. Robert Kendall (Montello, WI), 2. Cardell Potter (Camp Douglas, WI), 3. Mike Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 4. Rich Schumann Jr (Portage, WI), 5. Davey Pennel (Sparta, WI), 6. Tanner Whitten (Congerville, IL)

Heat A:1. Ed Jackson (Madison, WI), 2. Dale Schultz (Mauston, WI), 3. Ed Szelagowski (McHenry, IL, WI), 4. Jerry Blystone (Portage, WI), 5. Zach Reining (Forreston, IL), 6. Jim Bates (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 7. Shayne Poenhelt (Sun Prairie, WI), 8. Michael Clapper (Dane, WI), 9. Nick Nolden (Sun Prairie, WI)

Heat B:1. Brian Hakala (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 2. Corey Jankowski (Tomah, WI), 3. Skylar Holzhausen (Bangor, WI), 4. Larry Schotten (Mauston, WI), 5. Michael Ehde (Prairie du Chien, WI), 6. Steve Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 7. Jesse Bernhagen (Markesan, WI), 8. Jake Zellmer (Waterford, WI)

Qualify:1. Rich Schumann Jr (Portage, WI), 2. Davey Pennel (Sparta, WI), 3. Mike Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 4. Robert Kendall (Montello, WI), 5. Tanner Whitten (Congerville, IL), 6. Cardell Potter (Camp Douglas, WI), 7. Michael Ehde (Prairie du Chien, WI), 8. Steve Lichtfeld (Pardeeville, WI), 9. Corey Jankowski (Tomah, WI), 10. Jesse Bernhagen (Markesan, WI), 11. Skylar Holzhausen (Bangor, WI), 12. Jake Zellmer (Waterford, WI), 13. Larry Schotten (Mauston, WI), 14. Brian Hakala (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 15. Nick Nolden (Sun Prairie, WI), 16. Zach Reining (Forreston, IL), 17. Jim Bates (Wisconsin Dells, WI), 18. Shayne Poenhelt (Sun Prairie, WI), 19. Ed Szelagowski (McHenry, IL, WI), 20. Michael Clapper (Dane, WI), 21. Jerry Blystone (Portage, WI), 22. Dale Schultz (Mauston, WI), 23. Ed Jackson (Madison, WI)


July 2nd - Friday night was the Madison Big 8 Series Race at Madison International Speedway.  There were 42 Late Models on hand for racing.  This was Tanner's third time at the Madison Speedway.  He qualified 15th out of 42 cars.  Only the top 14 automatically advanced to the feature.  Tanner started outside second row in Heat 1 and finished 4th.  Only the 1st and 2nd place cars advanced to the feature.  In the last chance qualifier Tanner started outside second row and finish 2nd.  This was good enough to get him to the feature race.  26 cars started in the Big 8 Feature and Tanner started 10th row outside.  The race was 48 laps and with only 2 laps left in the race Tanner was in 10th place and had a mechanical failure in the rear end of his car and could not finish the final 2 laps.  The rear end of his car was replaced on Saturday and he was able to race in Rockford on Saturday night.

July 3rd - Saturday night at Rockford Speedway was a good night for Tanner.   There were 18 Late Models on hand and Tanner qualified 2nd fastest with a 14.15 only being beaten by points leader Tim Sargent with a 14.10.  In his Heat race he finished 2nd and in the 76 lap feature he started 4th row outside.  Tanner ended up with a 6th place finish.  What a race it was!  You can view the race by clicking on the Media and Video tab and select the 7/3 Rockford race.  See notes below from the Rockford Speedway web-site.

Tanner Whitten busted into the top five with 10 laps in the books, passing Gille after a spirited battle to take away fifth. Whitten came under fire from ‘Driver X’, Jon Reynolds Jr, with 15 laps completed. Reynolds Jr. and Whitten went door-to-door for fifth for ten laps before ‘Driver X’ exploded into the top five before swiftly pushing past Kyle Shear for fourth.

Shear dropped from fourth to seventh as Whitten and two-time defending champion Jerry Gille got by the stateline hot shoe. Lloyd’s machine began bellowing smoke with 50 laps to go but the local driver continued to drive away, hitting lapped traffic as the halfway mark came and went, allowing May to slowly inch closer to the leader.

The caution that everyone besides Mike Lloyd desperately wanted to see finally came with 30 circuits to go after a solo spin by Joe Darnell on the frontstretch. The restart that followed gave Reynolds Jr. the momentum he needed, allowing the veteran to pull even with Mikie Breiner before edging into third. Reynolds Jr. wasted no time tracking down Eddie May for second, duplicating his winning move from last weekend as he drove into the bridesmaid’s position.

Mike Lloyd’s dominant run came to an abrupt end with 24 laps remaining after the pluming smoke finally turned into a blown engine as his machine expired. Suddenly Reynolds Jr. found himself in the top spot as Jerry Gille inherited second.
On the ensuing restart, points leader Tim Sargent blew past Eddie May to claim third as Reynolds Jr. built a cushion up front, enjoying the action in his rearview mirror. Sargent worked his way to the inside of Gille for second as the two dueled for the runner-up spot. Sargent pushed Gille up the track to take second.

Gille wasn’t finished though, quickly responding with a love tap of his own as he regained the second spot and brought young Tanner Whitten with him into third. Whitten looked for any opening on the inside of the high banks in his quest for the runner-up spot. Meanwhile, Reynolds Jr. was checking out from the field, gleefully building a large margin as the young gun sized up the veteran.

Whitten’s effort for second cost him a top three spot as the 17-year-old threw his car a little too deep into turn four with four circuits to go, making light contact with Jerry Gille and losing traction before breaking into a spin on the front stretch.

Next on tap for Tanner is Madison on July 9th and Slinger on July 11th.


Kar KornerJune 19th - Rain cancelled racing on Friday night at Madison however, it was an action packed night of racing for theNascar Whelen Late Models at Rockford on Saturday night.  It was Kar Korner night at the Speedway which featured the World Famous Trailer Races.  Checkered Past Racing team owner RyanCarlson is the son of Mark Numbers the owner of Kar Korner.   Tanner's #85 and Ryan Carlson's #55 both carried the Kar Korner graphics for the evening.   Tanner finished 3rd out of 22 cars behind car owner and teammate Ryan Carlson who finished 2nd.  The weekly sponsored Kar Korner car #39 driven by Tim Sargent finished 4th.  Tanner qualified 5th and got 2nd in his Heat race.  "We were excited at the finish to have all three Kar Korner cars running bumper to bumper.  Mark does so much for all of us and we were glad to give him a good finish", said Whitten.  Next on tap is Slinger on June 27th.

NASCAR Late Models

A-Main 01 -- 1. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 2. Ryan Carlson, Loves Park; 3. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 4. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 5. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 6. Jacob Gille, Winnebago; 7. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 8. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 9. Ryan Miles, Crystal Lake; 10. Dave Edwards, Salem, Wis; 11. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 12. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 13. David Cooter, Jr, Machesney Park; 14. Joe Darnell, Machesney Park; 15. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 16. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 17. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 18. Mikie Breiner, Johnburg; 19. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 20. Joe Rusciano, Crystal Lake; 21. Tyler Peterson, Lake Geneva, Wis; 22. Brandon Eash,

Heat 01 -- 1. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 2. Joe
Rusciano, Crystal Lake; 3. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 4. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 5. Tyler Peterson, Lake Geneva, Wis; 6. David Cooter, Jr, Machesney Park; 7. Brandon Eash, Rockford; 8. Joe Darnell, Machesney Park.

Heat 02 -- 1. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 2. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 3. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 4. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 5. Jacob Gille, Winnebago; 6. Dave Edwards, Salem, Wis; 7. Ryan Miles, Crystal Lake; 8. Curt Tillman, Rockford.

Heat 03 -- 1. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 2. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 3. Ryan Carlson, Loves Park; 4. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 5. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 6. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 7. Mikie Breiner, Johnburg.

Time Trial -- 1. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 2. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 3. Ryan Carlson, Loves Park; 4. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 5. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 6. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 7. Mikie Breiner, Johnburg; 8. Jacob Gille, Winnebago; 9. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 10. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 11. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 12. Curt Tillman, Rockford; 13. Dave Edwards, Salem, Wis; 14. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 15. David Cooter, Jr, Machesney Park; 16. Ryan Miles, Crystal Lake; 17. Brandon Eash, Rockford; 18. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 19. Tyler Peterson, Lake Geneva, Wis; 20. Joe Rusciano, Crystal Lake; 21. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 22. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 23. Joe Darnell, Machesney Park.

June 12th - After a few weekends of bad weather and race cancelations Tanner had a good run on Friday night at the Kar KornerMadison International Speedway in Madison, WI.  After an unpreventable accident three weeks ago Tanner's second visit to Madison ended well.  He qualified 14th out of 24 cars and ended up 14th in the feature.  "Thanks to all the guys on the team for their hard work last night", said Whitten.  "I'm learning more each time on the track and appreciate all of their help and support".   Next on the schedule is the Big 8 Series race in Madison on June 18th and then Rockford Kar Korner night on June 19th.  Tanner and car owner Ryan Carlson will both race special sponsored race cars by Kar Korner.  Mark Numbers, owner of Kar Korner is a great supporter of the Rockford area racing scene and sponsors Tim Sargent #39 in the 2010 season.  Mark is a past late model racer himself.  Check out www.karkorner.net for special deals on great used cars.


Rockford, IL - Saturday, April 24th, 2010 - A rain threatened Saturday night at Rockford turned out well for Tanner Whitten. There were 19 Late Models on hand for the 30 lap 63rd Season Opener.  After qualifying 15th, Tanner went on to win his heat race and finished 3rd in the feature after starting 15th. Team/Car Owner & Crew Chief Ryan Carlson had this to say about the race on Saturday night.  "I am pleased with the team's start to the season.  I think we are ahead of where I expected to be this early.  The entire team has a lot of excitement about the upcoming season".

Next on the schedule is May the 8th at Rockford.

NASCAR Late Models

A-Main 01 -- 1. Ricky Bilderback, Rockton; 2. Mikie Breiner, Johnburg; 3. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 4. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 5. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 6. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 7. Jacob Gille, Winnebago; 8. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 9. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 10. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 11. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 12. Tom Gille, Winnebago; 13. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 14. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 15. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 16. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 17. David Cooter, Jr, Machesney Park; 18. Brandon Eash, Rockford.

Heat 01 -- 1. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 2. Jacob Gille, Winnebago; 3. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 4. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 5. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 6. Joe Darnell, Machesney Park.

Heat 02 -- 1. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 2. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 3. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 4. Brandon Eash, Rockford; 5. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 6. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 7. Alex Papini, Machesney Park.

Heat 03 -- 1. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 2. Ricky Bilderback, Rockton; 3. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 4. Tom Gille, Winnebago; 5. Mikie Breiner, Johnburg; 6. Jerry Gille, Roscoe.

Time Trial -- 1. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 2. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 3. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 4. Ricky Bilderback, Rockton; 5. Tom Gille, Winnebago; 6. Mikie Breiner, Johnburg; 7. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 8. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 9. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 10. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 11. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 12. Brandon Eash, Rockford; 13. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 14. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 15. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 16. Jacob Gille, Winnebago; 17. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 18. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 19. David Cooter, Jr, Machesney Park.


Rockford, IL – Sunday, April 18th, 2010 – Tanner Whitten, Congerville, Illinois, debuted in his #85 Ethanol Chevrolet Impala Limited Late Model Stock Car at Rockford Speedway on Sunday at the 33rd Annual Spring Classic. Tanner Whitten Heat WinAfter a disappointing 18th place qualifying run, Whitten rallied back to win his 15 lap qualifying heat starting from the third position.  This heat win seated him in the 16th position for the 58 lap 24 car feature.  With the help of his spotter Jason Knaus and crew chief Ryan Carlson, Whitten was able to work his way up to 5th place with eight laps to go.  After a slight altercation with veteran champion Bob Wilberg, Whitten got spun out and Wilberg and Whitten both went to the back.  Whitten worked his way back up to finish the race 13th. "I'm very excited to be racing late models in 2010.  I can't believe what a great team I am a part of and what an awesome car they gave me this weekend".

'Spring Classic 58' -- 1. Casey Johnson, Stoughton, Wis; 2. James Swan, Lake Geneva, Wis; 3. Jeremy Miller, Rockton; 4. Jeremy Lepak, Ringle, Wis; 5. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 6. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 7. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, Wis; 8. Jimmy Ganski, Rosholt, Wis; 9. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 10. Tim Sargent, South Beloit; 11. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 12. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 13. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 14. Ed Szelagowski Jr, Westfield, Wis; 15. Troy Rave, Westby, Wis; 16. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 17. Jacob Vanoskey, Hartford, Wis; 18. Kyle Wolosek, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis; 19. Steve Dobbratz, Rio, Wis; 20. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 21. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 22. Michael Bilderback, South Beloit; 23. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 24. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford.

Last Chance "A" 01 -- 1. Mike Lloyd, Davis; 2. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, Wis; 3. Troy Rave, Westby, Wis; 4. Kyle Wolosek, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis; 5. Bill Shavlik, West Bend, Wis; 6. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 7. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 8. Todd Handrick, Wausau, Wis; 9. Ed Szelagowski Jr, Westfield, Wis; 10. John Beinlich, Prairie View.

Heat 01 -- 1. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 2. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 3. Bill Shavlik, West Bend, Wis; 4. Troy Rave, Westby, Wis; 5. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 6. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 7. Mike Lloyd, Davis.

Heat 02 -- 1. Tanner Whitten, Congerville; 2. Jacob Vanoskey, Hartford, Wis; 3. Corey Jankowski, Tomah, Wis; 4. Kyle Wolosek, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis; 5. Todd Handrick, Wausau, Wis; 6. Ed Szelagowski Jr, Westfield, Wis; 7. Mark Hartline, Gilberts.



USAC Ford Focus Win No. 500

Morris, IL…….Tanner Whitten of Congerville, Ill. made his first USAC feature victory a memorable one Saturday night at Grundy County Speedway. Whitten led all 20 laps to win the historic 500th USAC Ford Focus feature event, beating series point leader Joe Liguori, Tyler Cottongim, Tyler Trainor and Jimmy Simpson in the Midwest/UMARA event.

USAC MIDWEST/UMARA FORD FOCUS MIDGET CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: June 13, 2009 – Morris, Illinois – Grundy County Speedway

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Joe Liguori, 22, Givens-15.446; 2. Jimmy Simpson, 38, Simpson-15.467; 3. Zach Kanizer, 06, Kanizer-15.544; 4. Tyler Cottongim, 28, Cottongim-15.707; 5. Tyler Trainor, 25, Trainor-15.726; .6. Tanner Whitten, 85, Whitten-15.798; 7. Kent Kriegbaum, 12, Kriegbaum-16.839.

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Whitten, 2. Cottongim, 3. Trainor, 4. Liguori, 5. Kanizer, 6. Simpson, 7. Kriegbaum. NT

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Tanner Whitten, 2. Joe Liguori, 3. Tyler Cottongim, 4. Tyler Trainor, 5. Jimmy Simpson, 6. Zach Kanizer, 7. Kent Kriegbaum. NT

Speed Sport Article - 500th Ford Focus Feature Winner - Tanner Whitten


Morris, IL…….Tanner Whitten of Congerville, Ill., who recently won USAC’s 500th Ford Focus race, took the checkered flag again at Grundy County Speedway Saturday night, leading all 20 laps to beat Jimmy Simpson, Tyler Trainor and Bob Adams. Trainor was the fastest qualifier.

USAC/UMARA FORD FOCUS MIDGET CAR SERIES RACE RESULTS: June 20, 2009 – Morris, Illinois – Grundy County Speedway

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Tyler Trainor, 25, Trainor-15.494; 2. Tanner Whitten, 85, Whitten-15.568; 3. Bob Adams, 9, Adams-16.120; 4. Jimmy Simpson, 38, Simpson-16.472.

HEAT RACE: (8 laps) 1. Simpson, 2. Whitten, 3. Trainor, 4. Adams. NT

FEATURE: (20 laps) 1. Tanner Whitten, 2. Jimmy Simpson, 3. Tyler Trainor, 4. Bob Adams. NT


2008 UMARA Sportsman Champion

In the UMARA Sportsman division it was 15 year old Rookie Tanner Whitten in the #E85 car from Carlock, Illinois that brought home his first championship title in the Sportsman series. Tanner won all Sportsman feature races. At the last race of the season, the Bob Lockard Memorial Race, Tanner had the fast Ford Focus qualifying time of 15.499 seconds.

UMARA Feature Win 6-28-08
(Phil Rider Photo)

UMARA Sportsman midget rookie Tanner Whitten got his first feature win in his Ethanol Powered Ford Focus Midget.

In the UMARA Ford Focus/Sportsman 15 lap feature, Tony Devea sat on the pole with rookie driver Kyle Kettmann beside him.  It was Devea who led them into turn one and remained there until lap 5 when he was nudged by Sportsman driver, Tanner Whitten.  That nudge put Devea back to fourth, as the yellow flag was not brought out.  Whitten remained in first followed by Ford Focus drivers Nick Grommes, Brandon Allen, Tony Devea and current UMARA Ford Focus point leader Brad Greenup in fifth.  The remaining 15 laps were unchanged with Whitten taking the checker flag for the Sportsman division and Nick Grommes finishing first in the Ford Focus Division.  Brandon Allen, Grommes’ teammate finished second for the Ford Focus Division with Devea, Greenup, and Sarah Hyslop finishing in the top five.  Nick Grommes and Brandon Allen were the heat race winners, with Allen also being fast qualifier.

UMARA Feature Win 6-28-08
(Phil Rider Photo)

Flex Fuel Sportsman Wins UMARA Opening Night Race
May 31, 2008
, Morris, IL

15 year old rookie Tanner Whitten drove his #85 Ethanol sponsored Beast Midget to a feature win on opening night at the historic 3/8 mile Grundy County Speedway.  Whitten qualified 5th fastest and then went on to win his heat and the UMARA Sportsman Series Feature.

Tanner's E-85 Hvy. B at the 2006 Gasoline Alley Nationals

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